I. Breed Character and General Appearance

The Corriedale should at once give the impression of being a stylish sheep that is well balanced, heavy shearing, growthy and hardy. It is a dual purpose sheep; therefore, consideration should be given to both carcass and wool.


Breed character represents the combination of characteristics that distinguish Corriedales from other breeds. More than any other feature the head gives the breed its character and individuality. The head of the ream should be bold and strong. It should be in proportion with the rest of his body and should display marked masculinity. The ewe’s head should indicate her femininity, but in no case should it be over refined. The nostrils should be wide and open with a black nose preferred. A solid pink or white nose should be discouraged.

The ears should be of medium size, preferable white, think, and soft. Black or blue spots on ears are not defects, but black or brown spots on head hair or wool are defects.

The Corriedale should have a bright, alert eye. Over-large tear ducts and excessive redness around the eyes are objectionable. The area immediately surrounding the eye and a channel from the eye forward should be completely free of wool. The wool should not grow on the bridge of the nose, below the level of a line drawn from the base of the ear through the eye and continued at the level forward to the nose.

A good covering of wool over the poll is desirable in both sexes. The sheep must be hornless and should have a well defined pit. Slight rudimentary horn growth (scurs) found attached to the skin on the ram’s head should be considered a minor defect; however, horn growth attached to the bone is unacceptable.

The mouth should display correct bite, neither over-shot nor under-shot , with the front teeth centered on the upper pad.