Faults and Defects

Faults That Must Disqualify An Otherwise Good Sheep:

  • Black and/or brown spots in the wool
  • Horns
  • Wool blindness
  • Malformed mouth
  • Solid pink or white nose and all white hooves
  • Marked lack on constitution
  • Malformation of legs or feet
  • Extreme deviation from the ideal in conformatoin, fleece, or breed characteristics

Defects That Should Count Against A Sheep, But Not Earn Disqualification Unless Present In A Major Degree:

  • Brown spots on the ears
  • Brown or black spots (in the hair) on the head or legs
  • Scurs
  • Minor deviation from the ideal conformation, fleece, or breed characteristics

Type standards and score cards can serve only as guides. Corriedales are gaining in popularity because Corriedale breeders are placing emphasis on produtive characteristics rather than upon fancy points. Probably no other characteristic is so essential for profit as is sufficient size for age. Growthiness, constitution, and vigor that result in rapid growing market lambs must always receive major emphasis in the production of Corriedales.