Corriedales at a Glance


  • Corriedales possess outstanding mothering ability and are very effective maternal crosses.
  • Corriedales excel reproductively and produce fast-growing, efficient offspring that meet today’s market demand.
  • Corriedales produce bulky, high yielding fleeces with pronounced character and luster.

Corriedale Ewes

  • are early maturing and can be bred as lambs
  • possess outstanding mothering ability
  • have a high multiple birth rate
  • possess excellent potential for fall lambing

Corriedale Rams

  • sire vigorous, rapid growing lambs
  • sire lambs with good carcasses and high value pelts
  • sire crossbred ewes that make excellent commercial ewes

Corriedale Lambs

  • are vigorous at birth and rapid gaining
  • are efficient converters of feed into grain
  • have a high pelt value
  • produce very good carcasses